Tuesday, 2 December 2008



What a day today......... started at 5.30am when hubby went to work, the snow was unbelievable There I was Uggs and fluffy dressing gown {stunning} admiring the beautiful whiteness, fluffy stillness, crisp clean air, laughing at Fred who put one paw in and out like he was doing the hokey cokey ! I was full of christmasy goodness

Then it began to dawn on me I had to drive to work in the stuff !!! no sign of gritters !!! 5 inch deep and counting. Needless to say my trusty Cleo got me in safely with only a couple of scary moments. Then I sat at my desk worrying about everyone else for an hour till they got in !

Needless to say I haven't got half the stuff done I should have today [wanted to do some brayering an show ya all my attempts] and so my blank spaces are my digital snow enjoy ha ha

Be good x

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