Monday, 22 June 2009

Hey Peeps

Hi Everyone ...I'm back in the land of the living ........ I didn't realise turning 40 would be so eventful ha ha .....I'm back at home with my crafty stash and my babies, hopefully I will remember how to still do crafty things ha ha . Thanks for your lovely messages ....Ive missed you Guild Guys x x
Be Good x

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Remember me

Hi Peeps
Sorry I haven't been around much .........had quite a bit of trouble on the home front and have separated from hubby ....... I'm okay and over the worst of it ...bear with me be back soon.

Be good x

Kath x

Thursday, 19 March 2009

One for the ladies (sorry boys)

Hey peeps
We have been laughing at work this week about sending cards for mothers day
The lads seem to think its funny how someone with no mum
(mine passed away a long time ago) ends up sending three mothers day cards.

I didn't blog the cards yet in case they saw them on here! I will do them after Sunday.

So anyway I just thought I would just pay homage to all you ladies out there
who may not even be mothers but have given love out to people in need of one!

Its surprising how a hug and a kind word to someone means so much.
Ive been lucky enough to be on the receiving end as well.

Three of my fave ladies

My wicked step mum !
Don't worry she likes me calling her that.... honest.
{She prob wont read this blog, so inside her card Ive written}

Thanks Linda for making my Dad so happy over the past 3 years
( he's old and grumpy so you can keep him now)

W.S. mum & MIL

My 'adopted' mum Janet,
She has been so much more than a mother to me
and a gran to David over the last 15 years and she will read this,
then ring me and call me a silly sod ...

I'm glad I've got you ......some stranger wouldn't have put up with me this long.
Love you x x

And last, but not least 'Happy Mothers Day' to
Sandra, my Hubby's mum who I adore
(and prob should tell her more often)
She's the best MIL in the world, spoils me rotten
and taught me how to make quiche.
Love you x

My First quiche !

So to all you Nana's, mums, aunties, sisters, friends and lovely ladies

who make someone feel loved


have a good one
Be good

Kath x

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Midweek Blog?

Hey Peeps
Just thought I would share these before I give them to my {nearly} daughter in law.
She asked me to make a couple of birthday cards for her student friends.
Hope she likes them ha ha Ive gone all of a grunge !

EI Stamps butterfly collage theme plates, a couple of scroll stamps (apols forgot who's) and distress inks (Versafine for the background)
The flowers and butterflies are stamped on to....... paper which I wet scrunched, then flattened out to dry and lightly coloured with distress inks and spritzed again to 'bleed', dried and then stamped image and cut out mounted etc. Used a couple of eyelets to fix to the card !

These are from the same stamp set as above but I just used toning backing papers from a dove craft pack I was bought as a gift by my adopted mum (Ta Mother ha ha) really quick one but like the effect.
Be Good x

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Beautiful Flutterbyes

Hi peeps
Afraid I haven't done much but play today
nothing assembled as of yet
I made this for my MIL on Thursday to give to my Nan in Law
Apologies about the photo I took it with my phone as I had forgot to do it before I gave it to MIL.
Anyway the new collage stamps from EI at Graphicus are gorgeous
I naturally had to have the Butterfly Daisy and Poppy theme plates
as I didn't want them to be lonely ha ha
I just stamped the large corner direct to card. Stamped the large image on to glossy card and white velum with black Stazon.
Cut out the flowers and butterfly from the velum, coloured with my trusty TomBows and gingerly embossed from back to give a little definition .Then mounted over image with a couple of foam pads. I added a little colour to the edges using Chalk Eyes and mounted on some textured lilac card then on to base with foam tape to give a little lift, coloured a peel-off black (Does any one else struggle with rub ons ?) ... Et Voila!
Off to play a bit more hee hee
Be Good x

A Blog award for little me !

Hey Peeps
Ive received an award !!

I feel very flattered to have received an award from Phree over on
Please go and have a browse she has some lovely creations and I'm not ashamed to admit I have 'borrowed' a few ideas of hers when I have been a bit uninspired.
Now apparently I have to pass this on to 10 people and as I don't have 10 blog friends to pass it on to I shall do my best, so apologies for not following the rules to the letter.
The "Makes My Heart Smile" award rules - pass it on to 10 (ish) of your favorite blogs.
All the blogs below are brill and make my heart smile ha ha.
1. Veronica at for having the patience to email a full explanation of her water colour background technique.
2. Rosie at Just because x x
3. Lesley at because not only does she do lovely cards but she always leaves encouraging comments
4. Flossie at I love reading her blog and her cards are fab
5. Ann at She does some lovely stuff
6. Adrian at for his dodgy jokes and making me laugh !
And last but definitely not least
7. Jo at For her lovely designs and her encouragement
Be good x

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Another Day Another Dollar

Hi Peeps
Been hectic again with work .....didn't even have time to do my blog on Sunday as usual.
Never mind only 20 years till retirement ha ha.
This cold snap isn't willing me out of bed either !
Still, I managed to make a few cards on Sunday morning !
Seem to have a thing about rounding corners this week
I'm still being drawn to my warmer colours even though I should be getting 'springy'
(poss because its blinking freezing here)

Papermania papers and ribbon, and Penny Black stamps simply water coloured in.
Even went a little trendy and 'stapled' my ribbon!

Penny Black stamps again, water coloured, a scrap of brayered card and my trusty scallop scissors ... who needs a die cutter (ME!) Made for a friends birthday she loves pink !

Not to sure about this !
Loved the brayered effect and crackle stamp (yes Ive finally found one) but think I should have mounted on a bigger card base!
EI stamps WIGL text and Flora n Fauna theme plates, I cant for the life of me remembered what I coloured the poppy heads in with ! Think it was a base of distress inks and touches of damp coloured pencil.... I must have been in the zone ha ha
Be good x

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Colouring In !!!

Hey Peeps
Just a quick post... been mad busy all week not had much time to myself
Managed a couple of hours crafting today.
Feel a bit like Ive lost my mojo, so when in doubt colour in !!!
EI Snowdrop script stamp and papers, and my old faves Tombow pens. Text from EI WIGL theme plate

EI Harlequin Rose and H2O's

Very lazy, EI damask stamp and a Heros background stamp just embossed with Copper EP

EI Romance ATC stamps and Distress Inks

Sorry its not much of a description

Be Good
Kath x

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Stampbord Stuff

Hey peeps
Been playing with UTEE and Stampbord today.

Had much fun and made a right mess ha ha !
Here's a couple of bits I made .........They look more sparkly than shown here !

I built up 3 layers of black UTEE first.

On the square one I sprinkled black dazzle EP and Gold EP and a touch of gold glitter.

Then just stamped in to it with a stamp from the Harlequin Rose themeplate from Graphicus

I covered the other one completely in gold EP .. just a thin layer.. Then it showed the black through once I stamped into it !! (Stamp from Damask theme plate)

Oh don't forget to punch a hole before you start ... then i just added some cord and a gold bead.

Check out Glenda on YouTube for inspiration !!

Now I'm off to clear up the mess.

Be good

Kath x

Butterfly Collage Themeplate Elusive Images

The new Butterfly Collage Themeplates have been revealed over on the
They are belicious !!!! go look !!!
These stamps will be showcased on February 10th, 1.00pm on Create and Craft - sky channel 671.
That's me skint again !!
Miss it miss out x
Kath x

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Furry hot water bottles !

Hi Peeps

As all of you cat owners out there will know, they all have their own personality and if yours are anything like mine they are often quite vocal about it !

I've been away for one night to visit the in-laws and I came back to,

two very mewly (is that a word), cuddly, where have you been, pick me up, no pick me up, bring anything good back, stand still I need to rub all over your boots, you smell funny, ooh the ears stroke the ears, that's Alf & Fred,

... one, I'm not speaking to you, dad fed us late, you deserted me, I will be in my basket sulking all night now, no don't touch me, that's Dennis,

and one very laid back, stroll down the stairs, whats all the noise, oh its you, can I just look in the lovely crinkly carrier bag, that's Smudge.

Anyhow they all have one thing in common, they really don't like the cold !!
We woke up rather late this morning to find all four of the IN THE BED.

Normally Fred and Alf will climb on the bottom in the night and they all have their own beds........It was so cold last night I put the spare duvet on and it must have been to hard to resist for them ha ha.

So we woke up with four furry hot water bottles all snuggled up. Paul tried to sneak out to grab the camera but three of them thought 'ooh breakfast' and followed him..... good old Fred didn't let me down, he just spread out and snuggled in, takes after me !!!

Its hopefully not going to become a regular occurance but I didnt mind to much last night as it was so cold Brrrr !!

Keep Warm - Its snowing here !!

Kath x x

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Coffee, craft, and the odd custard cream

Hi Peeps
My friend Becki, a fellow crafter, normally comes to play during the week.
So last night we sat at the table, coffee, biccy's, the odd jelly baby discussing my finds during my tidy up last week ! Queen of hoarders (her not me) and kettle....pot...... black were all mentioned within the first 5 Min's.
Anyway we decided to kinda challenge each other to make a couple of cards using things we had never used... she had a particularly nice set of Fairy stamps I bought her for her birthday (last year) in her crafty tote bag. My finds have been used below.
Hedgepig stamp from Little Claire designs
It look quite nice as is so I just highlighted flowers etc with a clear sakura stardust.

Laura Ashley peg stamps, still not sure Ive got the hang of them but doesn't look too bad !

Pink paper pad from Paper Mania (I think)
(One of my fave Little Claire hedgepig stamps just coloured with Tombow pastels)

Be good
Kath x

Tag your it

Hi Ive just been tagged by Chris
I have to look in my pics folder, choose the 6th album and post the 6th photo and explain what it is about and pass it on to 6 people,
I'm so glad it wasn't 7 of 7 ha ha

This is a photo of my son David, No he doesn't take after his mum !
I 'zombied' him for a for a Halloween party last year
Now to find 6 people who haven't been tagged
Kath x

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Back to basics

Hi Peeps

As some of you out there already know I had a massive clear out at the beginning of the week.

Found a few things I forgot I had Oops ! Don't mention to hubby ! Plus I have loads more space for more goodies (have you spotted the method in my madness yet)

Anyway I donated quite a few bits and bobs to my niece who has drove her mum mad all week sticking and gluing things to things she really shouldn't have stuck them too, Oops again ha ha

I also made loads of toppers for cards to donate to my Mum-in-Law. Ive been really busy the rest of the week trying to tidy up the stuff I tidied up !!!

Hubby also discovered that we had a dinning table......... Bugger I will never get a new one now !!

Here's a few of the quick cards I've managed to put together........They are pretty self explanatory so I've not done my usual babble ! I've managed about 20 so far so MIL will be pleased too.

It was quite nice for a change just to sit in front of the TV with a coffee and stick them all together, but don't worry I still prefer my stamps ha ha !! I really need to get out more !!

I think these are Red Hot Bed

Not a clue where these came from but they are really pretty if not a tad fiddly, which is prob why they were at the bottom of a pile ha ha I Just Backed them with Artylicious papers and frames from the Peacock summer party CD

This is definitely the clutter stuff by RHB.

Be good x

Kath x

Sunday, 18 January 2009

You gotta love it !

Had a great day yesterday..... my new stamps arrived ! Plus its the first free weekend Ive had in a while and Hubby was off ....needless to say I didn't see much of him as I was crafting and he was watching the footy, but he did keep supplying me with coffee ha ha. Its nice just knowing he's around if that makes sense, any how I digress .... back to the stamps.
As your probably aware I'm a great fan of Elusive Images stamps, to be fair I have lots of other stamps and I'm quite partial to Little Claire's and Penny Black's hedgepigs (as they are known in my house!). But I always seem to have more fun with the EI ones, maybe Glenda coats them with happy dust ha ha !
I'm babbling again... Have a look, see what you think, these are all from the Harlequin Rose theme plate, and I love it !!

This one was just stamped on to water colour paper and coloured in with H2O's, matted on light green card, then a torn bit of stamped vellum and mounted on a plain card covered with Artylicous backing paper.

This image was stamped on vellum with sepia Versafine, torn and edged with the same, I (Gingerly) slightly embossed the rose and leaves on the reverse, to bring the white through, matted on parchment paper and old gold card. Then I stamped the border on to torn vellum and layered it all up.

This, I think is my fave of the theme plate... stamped on pure white vellum with white Stazon (cheating! I know, but I'm a little heavy handed when it comes to parchment craft) Then I coloured the reverse with Tombow pastel pens and matted on black and gold, and just stamped the border in gold at the bottom,

This is a very simple one, I painted roughly a piece of water colouring card with glimmer mist Then stamped the words, Friend highlighted with a glitter pen, matted on matte silver card. I then made a mask with the single rose, stamped, masked and over stamped, and coloured with Tombows. Then I cut them out and mounted with foam pads.

This is my Hubby's fave... pity he saw it, I will have to make another for St Valentines Day now !

I Stamped the hearts on to the remainder of the painted card I used above and then highlighted the lines with H2O's then just cut them out, the middle bits where a bit fiddly but I managed ok with my swively craft knife, then I just made a tag with the left over and stamped the sentiment, mounted them with foam pads on a black card with a scrap piece as a 'ribbon'.

This one started off as a bit of an 'accident'.... I like to try different types of papers and inks just to see what they do, so I stamped direct to water colouring card and I'm not sure if the Stazon was a little dry or I didn't press firmly but it was really faded! Not to worry I waited till dry then spritzed it with water. Rough washed over it with Distress Ink (I patted some onto my heat mat and added a little water) Then did the same to colour the rose and leaves, I think it looks nicely distressed (waste not want not)

As I keep saying ......Please feel free to leave me tips and hints

Be good x

Kath x

Monday, 5 January 2009

Hi Just thought I would share these

Paul found one of those laser pens.... the cats had us in fits chasing the dot around.

These two naughty sods were sleeping on the pillows when we came back in from a trip to the shops ..... Fred looks like he's been really busted.... Alfie was more annoyed at the fact I woke her with the flash.

They are soooo cheeky

Be good

Kath x