Sunday, 25 January 2009

Back to basics

Hi Peeps

As some of you out there already know I had a massive clear out at the beginning of the week.

Found a few things I forgot I had Oops ! Don't mention to hubby ! Plus I have loads more space for more goodies (have you spotted the method in my madness yet)

Anyway I donated quite a few bits and bobs to my niece who has drove her mum mad all week sticking and gluing things to things she really shouldn't have stuck them too, Oops again ha ha

I also made loads of toppers for cards to donate to my Mum-in-Law. Ive been really busy the rest of the week trying to tidy up the stuff I tidied up !!!

Hubby also discovered that we had a dinning table......... Bugger I will never get a new one now !!

Here's a few of the quick cards I've managed to put together........They are pretty self explanatory so I've not done my usual babble ! I've managed about 20 so far so MIL will be pleased too.

It was quite nice for a change just to sit in front of the TV with a coffee and stick them all together, but don't worry I still prefer my stamps ha ha !! I really need to get out more !!

I think these are Red Hot Bed

Not a clue where these came from but they are really pretty if not a tad fiddly, which is prob why they were at the bottom of a pile ha ha I Just Backed them with Artylicious papers and frames from the Peacock summer party CD

This is definitely the clutter stuff by RHB.

Be good x

Kath x


  1. Hey, not 'alf bad for quick cards with no stamping! Wonder if I could convince my hubby that crafting is just an efficient way of tidying up and 'getting rid' of excess 'stuff'. Sneaky :-)

  2. Wow, you're a speedy Gonzales Kath. I really must stop faffing about and get a move on like you. Bet your MIL's really pleased to get the results of your efforts.

    I have tried tidying my craft stuff, but I have so much now if I try to tidy it ends up in a worse mess so I think I'll leave well alone.


  3. Hi Kath
    I was given a challenge to day and had to pass it on so here goes, You have to look on your computer pick the 6th album and post the 6th pic and explain about it and then pass this challenge onto 6 people.
    From crafty chris
    Good luck love the cards


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