Monday, 5 January 2009

Hi Just thought I would share these

Paul found one of those laser pens.... the cats had us in fits chasing the dot around.

These two naughty sods were sleeping on the pillows when we came back in from a trip to the shops ..... Fred looks like he's been really busted.... Alfie was more annoyed at the fact I woke her with the flash.

They are soooo cheeky

Be good

Kath x


  1. Cute pics, thanks for sharing them. I have a daft dog who is obssessed with watching lights, laser pointers or even the sunlight reflecting a spot of light from my watch up onto the ceiling has him staring up!

  2. Love your cats, don't have any myself but have just finished looking after my neighbour's after his month long trip to Oz! o felt like I was a cat owner for a short time.
    Love your cards, would love to see some more

  3. Hey, just happened to bump into your blog, nice theme... :)

  4. Is there no end to your talents? I think I will have to invite myself over for a few days. I have not seen most of these cards and not a clue how you make themand it would be an ME moment if you tried telling me on the phone HA! HA!


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