Sunday, 1 February 2009

Furry hot water bottles !

Hi Peeps

As all of you cat owners out there will know, they all have their own personality and if yours are anything like mine they are often quite vocal about it !

I've been away for one night to visit the in-laws and I came back to,

two very mewly (is that a word), cuddly, where have you been, pick me up, no pick me up, bring anything good back, stand still I need to rub all over your boots, you smell funny, ooh the ears stroke the ears, that's Alf & Fred,

... one, I'm not speaking to you, dad fed us late, you deserted me, I will be in my basket sulking all night now, no don't touch me, that's Dennis,

and one very laid back, stroll down the stairs, whats all the noise, oh its you, can I just look in the lovely crinkly carrier bag, that's Smudge.

Anyhow they all have one thing in common, they really don't like the cold !!
We woke up rather late this morning to find all four of the IN THE BED.

Normally Fred and Alf will climb on the bottom in the night and they all have their own beds........It was so cold last night I put the spare duvet on and it must have been to hard to resist for them ha ha.

So we woke up with four furry hot water bottles all snuggled up. Paul tried to sneak out to grab the camera but three of them thought 'ooh breakfast' and followed him..... good old Fred didn't let me down, he just spread out and snuggled in, takes after me !!!

Its hopefully not going to become a regular occurance but I didnt mind to much last night as it was so cold Brrrr !!

Keep Warm - Its snowing here !!

Kath x x

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