Thursday, 19 March 2009

One for the ladies (sorry boys)

Hey peeps
We have been laughing at work this week about sending cards for mothers day
The lads seem to think its funny how someone with no mum
(mine passed away a long time ago) ends up sending three mothers day cards.

I didn't blog the cards yet in case they saw them on here! I will do them after Sunday.

So anyway I just thought I would just pay homage to all you ladies out there
who may not even be mothers but have given love out to people in need of one!

Its surprising how a hug and a kind word to someone means so much.
Ive been lucky enough to be on the receiving end as well.

Three of my fave ladies

My wicked step mum !
Don't worry she likes me calling her that.... honest.
{She prob wont read this blog, so inside her card Ive written}

Thanks Linda for making my Dad so happy over the past 3 years
( he's old and grumpy so you can keep him now)

W.S. mum & MIL

My 'adopted' mum Janet,
She has been so much more than a mother to me
and a gran to David over the last 15 years and she will read this,
then ring me and call me a silly sod ...

I'm glad I've got you ......some stranger wouldn't have put up with me this long.
Love you x x

And last, but not least 'Happy Mothers Day' to
Sandra, my Hubby's mum who I adore
(and prob should tell her more often)
She's the best MIL in the world, spoils me rotten
and taught me how to make quiche.
Love you x

My First quiche !

So to all you Nana's, mums, aunties, sisters, friends and lovely ladies

who make someone feel loved


have a good one
Be good

Kath x


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  2. What a lovely post Kath! Happy Mother's Day to you too.

    Lesley Xx

  3. Hi Kath,

    Just wanted to say I'm missing your posts and hope you're ok and it's just 'cos your busy or have better things to do (ha! ha!). Would have emailed but can't find an email addy.

    Lesley Xx


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