Friday, 20 May 2011

Hello Peeps

Hey Just thought I would bring you up to date a bit

David is loving Uni ......It seems I have a budding anthropologist on my hands, hes just at the end if his second year and is loving Lampeter, I'm so pleased he had a change of heart and went back into education, even if it took 2 yrs for him to decide ha ha

Still not got anything crafty properly unpacked ......... dug out a couple of canvases and some paints to have a bash at painting an abstract of three canvases (kind of one pic split in three if that makes sense) for the dining room but my mojo is still in a box some where,

The cats are loving the garden ........... its nice to see them so happy after the upset of the move, they really didn't like it and sulked for days but now seem to have forgiven me :)

Ive found a pic of something I had a bash at a while ago ....painting with bleach!!

 This is a Clarity Stamp stamped on to black card with stazon and then painted with bleach to wash out the colour........ I found the thicker bleach easier to work with ......... its a bit stinky but once dry its fine ........ it takes a few coats and its like working backwards as the more you apply the lighter it goes so keep that in mind if you need shaded / darker areas I just got the base colour as I wanted it,, then barely touched the card to achieve highlights .......also try the bleach on scraps first as some coloured card just doesn't bleach and some don't go white but light tones of the original. Have a go!

Be good
Kath x

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  1. glad you are back in blogland Kath, and getting settled in at home. I found that the cheaper the card, the better it usually bleaches.
    Best wishes for the wedding


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