Saturday, 2 June 2012

Sunday Stamper Week 207 - WORDS

Hi Peeps
Yes I know sorry another one ha ha

This is a last minute entry in Hels Sunday Stamper, over at Ink on my Fingers, The theme is WORDS, a bit of a homage to the late Mr Gibb...... aww

I made it a while ago and thought sod it I'm Bunging It In... It was submitted to a mag sometime ago! (see rant below)

Stuff I Used
Fredrix Canvas Panel
Choc Baroque stamp set - Fleurs et Parfum de Paris
Hand made charms, pins and lace flowers
Tim Holtz Alphabet Soup grunge board
DI's cant remember which colours oops
Bits n Bobs from my scraps box

Hope you like it, poor thing has just been stuck on my craft room door for two months :(

RANT ! (please skip this if you don't want to read my inane rantings)

I know I'm not Monet or the best crafter in the world, I'm also not stupid!

The project above has been hanging around for two months! Rules for submission stated must not be posted/seen previously etc,.... I put my heart and soul and a hell of a lot of time into my projects.....I try my best to  promote other artists/products/mags/blogs, think about it ladies we do this every time we blog/facebook/tweet etc..... I have submitted numerous projects to mags etc over the years and yes there are prob thousands of entries each month, and yes I'm not stupid enough to think mine is that good they will pick me, but we have a go don't we,...........but with the exception of one because it was published, not one has acknowledged my entry, would it kill them to acknowledge your submission, Its not rocket science, and an automated response would do, If it wasn't for reader receipts I wouldn't even know they had got it..... I'm seriously just not going to bother anymore!

Us crafters are promoting your business, your products, your projects, your artists and flipping buying the mags and the products in them,  for god sake have the decency to at least acknowledge us!!
Right sorry rant over xx

Have a fabby weekend xx
Be good
Kath xx


  1. Phew, read your rant hun.... maybe you should write to the companies and tell them all of that... I agree that a simple acknowledgement would be the most polite thing to do! Anyways... LOVE your creation, tis lush... thanks for joining in with the SUnday stamper x

  2. I have read your rant Kath and I just couldn't agree more! One of my card samples was published in a magazine with no reference to me. I was truly gutted! I have given up trying to get my work in magazines now. My rant over :)

    I just think this is amazing I love everything about it and the embellishments are fabulous.

    Have a fabulous weekend.
    Linda xxxx

  3. Really stunning make hun with so many gorgeous details. I hope you manage to get things sorted out with the magazine, to not at least give acknowledgement is terrible
    Lindsay xx

  4. Great work - as always, Kath. I've never submitted anything to a magazine but can imagine your frustration at hearing..... NOTHING. Its right - a simple automated response isn't hard and it at least acknowledges the time, effort and passion you have put into something. Keep on going though, your work is so beautifully executed.
    Gina x

  5. WOW!!! This is stunning. I love all the gorgeous detailing.
    I agree with your rant too!
    All the best

  6. Rant away Kath! Your creation is gorgeous and shame on them if they can't even say "Thanks, but no thanks". Wouldn't hurt them would it? Sandra

  7. I think your rant is spot on Kath -we, the 'crafters', don't get recognition or thanks from those we buy from and it's a bit of a cheek but because we're 'English' we don't complain - maybe we ought to start to do so!
    Back to your creation - it's wonderful and it may have started an idea in my head - will let you know if it has hugs Karen x

  8. This is stunning,I read your

  9. This is lovely Kath. Love the vintage style of it and the pretty embellishments.

    As for your rant, I couldn't agree more but don't you think it's a sign of the ill mannered times we live in. If it is of no use to the recipient i.e. doesn't benefit them in any way definitely don't expect to hear anything. Same thing goes when applying for jobs, if you don't get an interview how many let you know you're not successful?

    Big Hugs
    Lesley Xx

  10. great project and your rant was an interesting read. So many times we seem to go un-acknowledged and as you say even an automated response would be better than nothing. Manners are out of the window these days

  11. Fab project Kath and a truely justified rant - I'm sure you must feel better for that! Hugs Rachel xx

  12. I bet it felt good to get that off your chest. I do agree though and it costs nothing to say thanks, received it, will/will not use it. Your creation is beautiful. A x

  13. Kath your project is wonderful, I love all the beautiful touches particularly your charms. I think most people would agree with your rant, I think an acknowledgement for anything you submit whether it be DT application or project etc should be acknowledged whether you are successful or not. xx

  14. A stunning creation, and am so sorry it hasn't been recognised by the magazines - shame on them!

  15. Absolutely stunning Kath, I love it! Elaine-xxx-

  16. Hi Kath I have read your rant and totally agree with you
    your work is stunning xxx
    lindyloo x

  17. kath this is just beautiful, love the vintage look and the colors. Agree with your rant, we dont get the recognition that we deserve alot of the time. So I think that they should at least acknowledge people who do submit their work xx

  18. I love reading a good old rant n HEAR HEAR WELL SAID !!! ....beautiful project ....just stunning !! xx

  19. Not a rant, just very well said and a beautiful creation to boot xXx

  20. I read your rant and agree totally. I have never entered my work into anything as I am rubbish with rejection.
    I know it is slightly different but when I was on a DT I would spent ages leaving individual comments and not just bog standard 'thanks for playing' comments as I know myself how much time and effort goes into peoples work.

    You keep going hun as I think your work is amazing and I love popping by your blog :D Infact, now i know how, I am going to become a follower....feel honoured! Only joking lol .

    Rant more often as I enjoyed reading it :D

    Love Lisa xxxx

  21. Evening Kath, your rant was a deserved one, it's appalling they don't acknowledge ... Looking forward to working with you Px

  22. I don't think the word courtesy exists any longer.
    Love the soft subtle colours of this. Your use of that set of stamps is gorgeous with your handmade embellishing.
    Paula (PEP)

  23. I agree so much with your wee true and Well said... fabulous project.. Love it! Hugs May x x x


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