Saturday, 20 October 2012

Ohhh i have awards xx

Hi Peeps

Ive been very flattered to receive two awards from my lovely friend Lindsay over at Crafty Monster 81 blog, Thank you so much :) it means alot xxxxx

Both of these awards come with some rules:

I am to publicly thank the people who gave them to me.
I am to share some information about myself
I am to nominate some of my favourite blogs
I am to comment on their blogs to let them know I’ve awarded them.

The One Lovely Blog award asks me to share 7 facts about myself while the Sunshine Award has some specific questions for me to answer. The Sunshine Award questions will effectively cover the 7 facts about me.
Favourite colour: Black (pink too)
Favourite animal: I love all animals but i love my 5 furbabies :)
Favourite number: 6
Favourite drink: Hot Java Lava ground coffee
Facebook or Twitter: Facebook, twitter is a little impersonal
Good book or good movie: Oh that's hard i love to read but prob pick a film as you can watch it with others
Giving or getting gifts: I love giving but I'm like a 5yr old when i get them ha ha
My passion: Used to be my work in civil engineering but now that energy has gone into arts and crafts
Favourite day: Sundays - hubby is always home on a Sunday
Favourite flower: Roses .......... Erm well lots ha ha ha

So now i have to nominate 3 others how hard is that ha ha so I've picked

Shelagh McCarthy

Pauline Orr

Vee Cassidy

I would send it back to Lindsay but I cant ha ha ha 

Be Good Kath xx


Hey there crafty friends
Thanks for visiting and your comments
Kath x