Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Crafty play day .... Finally

Hi peeps,
Just a quick post to share what me and Linda made on our last play date. As usual I'm about a fortnight late in sharing ha ha

We both fancied a go at a floating tea cup and the results are below ...
If you fancy a peek at Linda's here's a link. Lindas Blog

Really easy to do once you've sussed  the floating bit ha ha .... I got steve to Uri Geller an old fork into a Z shape, glued it in place using hot glue and then a little Pinflair glue gel and then I wrapped the fork in twine and proceeded to add my flowers etc. I even made a little nest and an egg to go with my little birdie. 

I found it easier to glue dead central in the saucer to aid balance but if you have a try and it's a bit off kilter try gluing some two pence coins to add a bit of ballast. Seen that tip on Pinterest. 

Thanks for looking